Our desire is to be more effective in reaching our community for Christ. To help maximize our outreach, we have two weekly times that you can share your faith with our community. On Thursday evenings, we meet in four different locations in the valley so you can choose one that works best for you. On Saturday mornings, we meet at the church to receive our visits and maps.

Each meeting will begin with a brief, biblical challenge from one of our pastoral staff members, then you and a partner will receive a door knocking map or visits to make. Childcare will only be provided for those attending the church location on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Thursday 9:30 AM

LBC North Auditorium

Thursday 6:30 PM

East Lancaster: Lancaster Baptist Church
North Auditorium

East Palmdale: Starbucks
4631 E Ave S, Palmdale

West Palmdale: The Coffee Bean
39605 10th St W, Palmdale

West Lancaster: Starbucks
2062 W Ave K, Lancaster

Saturday 9:30 AM

LBC North Auditorium

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