Friday, October 25 @ 5:30 PM–9:00 PM

Looking for family fun? Then you’ll enjoy games, rides, activities, food, and lots of fun at the Harvest Festival!

Admission & Tickets

$20 Wristband

(Includes carnival games in the modulars, grassy area near the basketball & volleyball court and a bag of popcorn.)

$30 Wristband

(Includes all carnival games, bounce houses, large inflatables on football field, choice of burger or hot dog, drink at the Outdoor Grill, and a free bag of popcorn.)

$60 Immediate Family Plan

(will receive $20 wristband) (4 or more kids, 5 yrs. and older) – Includes carnival games in the modular, grassy area near the basketball & volleyball count and a bag of popcorn

Free Harvest Festival T-Shirt for the first 200 who purchase the $30 wristband.

Activities and Games with additional cost:

  • Waterball Ride - $8
  • Euro Bungy - $8
  • Balloon Animals - $1 to $3
  • Face Painting - $1 to $4
  • Laser Tag - $10
  • Rock Climbing - $10
  • Escape Rooms - $10 per person ($5 for additional escape rooms)

Tickets are available at Guest Services, the LBS office, here, or at the ticket booth at the Harvest Festival.

Festival Attractions

Food, Snacks, & Fellowship

  • Outdoor Grill
  • Taste of America
  • Taste of Mexico
  • Taste of El Salvador
  • Taste of Korea
  • Taste of Philippines

Escape Rooms | Modular J & A2 | 10 20-minute timeslots beginning at 4:30 pm

Experience the Escape Rooms presented by the Lancaster Baptist School Class of 2019! Select a group of 6 people, choose your time slot, choose your escape room theme, and purchase your ticket to experience a team-building, memorable evening! The cost is $10 per person and $5 for additional escape rooms. For reservations email


    You are on a mission to Mars. Someone has sabotaged the ship and disabled the power. You have 20 minutes to find the source of the power failure and fix it before the life support systems begin to shut down.


    You have been invited to a dinner with the President of the United States at the White House. In the middle of dinner, an explosion sounds, followed by alarms. Terrorists are in the White House. You have 20 minutes to get the President to the Safe Room.


    You are on a medical missions trip. An epidemic breaks out in the local villages. You have 20 minutes to gather the medical supplies from your medical tents and deliver them to the World Health Organization to stop the epidemic.


    Kids, you are in a new toy store where you can play with the toys before you buy them. As you enjoy all the toys, you realize that you have lost track of time. The store is closing. You have 20 minutes to put the toys away and find the keys before the alarm sounds.

Family & Business Sponsors

To help defray the costs of the Harvest Festival, family and business sponsorships are appreciated. For more information contact or call the LBS office at 661.946.4668.

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